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DeLaSea Ha Long

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Discover the charming of Ha Long at DeLaSea Ha Long Hotel – one of the most stunning hotels in Halong

Hotel with 326 luxurious rooms and Suites offers an exceptional experience for the elite, welcomes guests into a world of indulgence.

According to Eastern legends, the Deer are born from the aura of a jewel. They symbolise harmony, happiness, longevity, prosperity, and fortune.

In Western culture, Deer symbolizes conscientiousness, thoughtfulness, and harmony. Besides, the Deer also bring a warm and friendly feeling. The word "Linh" in Phat Linh brand name is inspired by the Deer mascot as our core brand value is always aiming to deliver the best experience to all our guests through our dedicated, professional, and considerate service.


Main colours in the interior architecture

Amber yellow inspired by the colour of the gemstone, Amber Stone. Amber Stone represents positive energy, wealth and passionate. As such, the amber yellow colour in Phat Linh hotel design symbolizes the warmth and sincerity of our staffs that we are a destination surrounded by kindness and positive energy.

Grey Colour in Phat Linh design inspired by Stonehenge; the most famous megalithic monuments in the world. Stonehenge is a delicate stone circle that is a symbol of longevity always towards dawn light and the most positive things. Through that, the grey colour of Stonehenge stone is selected for the brand colour of Phat Linh hotel in order to show the strength, always towards the best of the best

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